After a very stormy and unusually warm winter, the seaweed is now growing on CEVAs cultivation site. Several species of brown seaweed have been tested for growth this year (Laminaria Saccharina / Laminaria Ochroleuca / Alaria Esculenta and Laminaria Digitata).


The spores were directly seeded on lines between September and December 2015. The growth has been very slow starting this year, due probably to sever fooling on the lines. The first sampling took place this week (data not yet available) and a first harvest of Alaria was done for the project PROMAC, much to the delight of Helen and her team.




Yesterday (26th of April 2016) was a huge day for the PROMAC participants! Researchers from SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture and Materials and Chemistry joined forces in order to run the very first pilot production of Palmaria Palmata. SINTEF FAs pilot production unit, Mobile SeaLab, was used to run the production right outside our facilities in Trondheim. A hydrolysis experiment was carried out using fresh-frozen Palmaria harvested by our collagues at NIBIO (huge thanks to WP1 !) and two high value (good looking) fractions were produced. The experiment went very well and we are prouded to of being a part of the macroalgae adventure.

Enjoy the pictures below!

Erlend’s first time running the pilot production plant – he is really looking forward to it!



Inga Marie (WP3-leader), Ingrid and Rasa, ready for some macroalgae action!


Palmaria Palmata harvested by NIBIO outside Bodø


Our hard-working researchers

P1010875 P1010879   P1010930


Liters and liters of water soluble proteins from Palamaria Palmata ready to be shipped to NMBU and our WP4-leader Åshild who is going to run the feeding trials.


Water-soluble proteins from Palmaria Palmata. Looks very similiar to a strawberry milkshake 🙂


The unsoluble fraction produced from Palmaria Palmata