Blog post by Kristine Steinhovden

What is the definition of a Dummy? According to Merriam-Webster and Johan Oppen from Møreforsking, a dummy is either a stupid person, a real-sized and -shaped doll, or a copy of a finished object used for practice or training. No conclusions were made from this workshop on the subject, but after a day of interesting lectures and discussions on logistics and LCA in general and LCA from PROMAC, none of the terms seemed to fit the participants.

Johan Oppen started the seminar with a thorough introduction of logistics and the basic principles. Jon Halfdanarson at NTNU followed with the same for LCA, before Matthias Koesling from NIBIO talked about LCA in PROMAC.


Logistics can be defined as something that has to do with flow of tangible goods or information. In PROMAC we are working on descriptions of what the logistic chain may look like. What is the realistic alternatives for every step of the chain from cultivation to the finished product in terms of cost, quantities and distances (etc.). Still there are questions to be answered, but the models can be developed from a given starting point.


LCA is short term for Life Cycle Analysis and is the most comprehensive environmental impact assessment method available today. LCA describes the total environmental impact of a product or service and are used for improvement, comparison or advertisement and also producer responsibility. For PROMAC LCA is important to show the environmental impact of proteins from macroalgae in comparison to other protein sources. Positive and negative effects are taken into account, for all steps in the value chain (hatchery, sea farms, harvesting, stabilizing, preservation and processing).