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Harvesting of Palmaria Palmata

Blog post by Pierrick Stévant This year, the red alga “dulse” (Palmaria palmata) is in focus in WP2, which studies the effects of primary processes and stabilization methods on the quality of the seaweed biomass. Unlike the winged kelp (Alaria esculenta) and the sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima) which have been studied earlier in the project […]

PROMAC Open Seminar

The 2nd PROMAC OPEN DAY was held at NTNU Ålesund the 25th of April 2017. 50 participants from industry, research and education was gathered to get the newest updates and results from the project. A varied program, with results from all the work packages was presented to an intrigued audience. After a welcome from project […]

Logistics and LCA for Dummies

Blog post by Kristine Steinhovden What is the definition of a Dummy? According to Merriam-Webster and Johan Oppen from Møreforsking, a dummy is either a stupid person, a real-sized and -shaped doll, or a copy of a finished object used for practice or training. No conclusions were made from this workshop on the subject, but […]

Greeting from our project partner Matis

Blog post by Rósa Jónsdóttir For the past year a number of Palmaria palmata extracts have been produced and analyzed at Matís Iceland. Different extraction methods have been tested with the aim to increase the protein yield as much as possible. The aim was to produce both fractions rich in protein and sugars, separately. This […]

Final harvest of kelp in Trøndelag

Blog post by Jorunn Skjermo, SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture      On a sunny 28.June a team from SINTEF went out to do the last growth registrations and harvest biomass of Saccharina and Alaria. The Saccharina season has been good and similar to last year with up to 8 kg/m cultivation rope, whereas for Alaria the […]

Greetings from our PhD-student Pierrick

Blog post by Pierrick Stévant   As part of WP2’s research plan, Pierrick Stévant (Møreforsking) travelled (home) to CEVA in Brittany for the second consecutive year to conduct practical experiments in collaboration with Hélène Marfaing. These experiments are focusing on (i) seaweed storage post-harvest and (ii) removal of undesirable compounds. During these two weeks of […]

Workshop – Seaweed for dummies

Blog post by Annelise Chapman   Seaweed sex, chemical defense mechanisms of the sugar kelp and how seaweeds may be integrated in sustainable value chains, were among the many subjects discussed during a PROMAC workshop entitled ‘Seaweeds for Dummies’ which took place on May 25 at Møreforsking Ålesund. Following an initiative from PROMAC partners who are […]

Drying of harvested Saccharina Latissima

Blog post by Annelise Chapman Photo: Annelise Chapman & Erlend Indergård   This year’s harvest of sugar kelp – Saccharina latissima – has started at the SINTEF cultivation site on Hitra. The biomass is going to be used in a number of PROMAC experiments, including the drying tests. Here, we assess the effects of drying […]