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Drying of harvested Saccharina Latissima

Blog post by Annelise Chapman Photo: Annelise Chapman & Erlend Indergård   This year’s harvest of sugar kelp – Saccharina latissima – has started at the SINTEF cultivation site on Hitra. The biomass is going to be used in a number of PROMAC experiments, including the drying tests. Here, we assess the effects of drying […]

PROMAC – a study case for high school students

Blog post by Annelise Chapman   Communicating research and project results beyond an academic community is important for scientists in PROMAC. “The project is highly relevant for the development of new seaweed-related economies in Norway, and we owe the public who is funding us to know what our research is all about”, says project manager […]

News from the cultivation site at CEVA (France)

After a very stormy and unusually warm winter, the seaweed is now growing on CEVAs cultivation site. Several species of brown seaweed have been tested for growth this year (Laminaria Saccharina / Laminaria Ochroleuca / Alaria Esculenta and Laminaria Digitata). The spores were directly seeded on lines between September and December 2015. The growth has […]

Processing of Palmaria Palmata

Yesterday (26th of April 2016) was a huge day for the PROMAC participants! Researchers from SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture and Materials and Chemistry joined forces in order to run the very first pilot production of Palmaria Palmata. SINTEF FAs pilot production unit, Mobile SeaLab, was used to run the production right outside our facilities in Trondheim. A hydrolysis […]

Interactive Roadmap Workshop

Last month the whole PROMAC project team was gathered in Trondheim for a roadmap workshop – where are we now and where do we go from here? Katja Hansen (EPEA) and Torger Børresen (TabCon) were our facilitators for the day and lead us through different activities during the day where the goal in the end […]

Meet our PhD-student Pierrick Stévant

Foto: Kristin Straumsheim Grønli Pierrick Stévant, 30 år,  fullførte sin mastergrad i marinbiologi og akvakultur ved Univeristetet i Montpellier i 2008.Og flyttet for første gang til Norge i 2009. Her jobbet han med produksjon av levendefôr ved Havbruksstasjonen i Tromsø. Deretter flyttet han til Brasil (Ilha Grande, RJ) og jobbet med algedyrking (Kappaphycus alvarezii). Etter et […]

PROMAC media campaign in Aftenposten

The Norwegian newspaper aftenposten have written an article about PROMAC in the media campaign “Foods of the future”. A printed version of the magazine was published on Sunday the 28th of November, and you can read the digital version of the magazine by clicking on the picture below. The article about PROMAC you will find here (in […]