Blog post by Annelise Chapman

Photo: Annelise Chapman & Erlend Indergård


This year’s harvest of sugar kelp – Saccharina latissima – has started at the SINTEF cultivation site on Hitra. The biomass is going to be used in a number of PROMAC experiments, including the drying tests. Here, we assess the effects of drying at several temperatures and to varying remaining moisture contents.


Researchers from SINTEF and Møreforsking are executing the experiments, while various other partners will be involved in the analyses (components, sensory analysis and feeding).

The second batch of spring sugar kelp biomass harvested on Hitra, and stored in seawater for a few days. Erlend  seems pleased. The plants are not large, but in fine shape and without any visible fouling.




Marte removes the stilk before the kelp sheets are spread out for drying.


Per Egil explains the tricks with spreading the kelps carefully….

Per Egil_tørking

… and Erlend does the quality control



All hands on deck – spreading the sugar kelps on the drying trays. Doing this carefully will improve the result.


Also the project manager gets a chance to work with ‘the real thing’


The new ‘Mercedes’ dryer from Germany – it needs some talking to before it’s working properly….but then it’s effective! The 40 degree batch seems almost ready, but where the sheets are in several layers, they need some more time to be completely dry (defined here as 10% remaining moisture).



The final product – top quality and delicious!

tørket produkt