Blog post by Pierrick Stévant


As part of WP2’s research plan, Pierrick Stévant (Møreforsking) travelled (home) to CEVA in Brittany for the second consecutive year to conduct practical experiments in collaboration with Hélène Marfaing. These experiments are focusing on (i) seaweed storage post-harvest and (ii) removal of undesirable compounds.

During these two weeks of (intense) work Pierrick and Hélène tested both cold storage and seawater storage of dulse (P. palmata), ensiling of sugar kelp (S. latissima) and cadmium desorption of winged kelp (A. esculenta) in salt water baths. The biomass used in these experiments were either hand-harvested from shore near the CEVA (P. palmata) or cultivated (A. esculenta, S. latissima).

Many samples were taken throughout the different treatments which will be analyzed for their biochemical content, involving other PROMAC partners.



Pierrick setting up the “photo box” which will be used for color analysis of the samples




Hélène sampling P-palmata from seawater short-term storage and packing samples prior to freeze-drying




Starting bath treatment of A. esculenta at different salt concentrations




Yves and Pierrick are cutting and feeling the S. latissima biomass prior to ensiling trials