Located in the most productive European region for algae, and bordering an important alga field on a territory favorable to their culture, the CEVA is the only technical center in Europe dedicated to the study and promotion of algae. Created in 1982 with the support of local Breton groups and industrials of the alga field, it organizes a research applied on algae (macro & micro), seagrass and marine biotechnologies. In particular, it ensures the transfer of scientific knowledge from the academic world to the industry field.
The CEVA has 25 permanent staff members. Among them, 18 have a college degree (technicians, engineers, PhDs in sciences). It owns a high-performance tool adapted to the identification,the production, the characterization and the transformation of algae :

  • Laboratories (1330 m²),
  • A technological hall (1000 m²) for the development of industrial preproduction,
  • Means of intervention on the field (remote-detection, cartography),
  • A ground platform for culture of macro and microalgae,
  • A sea farm.

In Promac we work with:

  • A project in line with our current efforts to promote uses of seaweeds by the food/feed industry
  • Complementary of French project SensAlg coordinated by CEVA
  • A rich opportunity to share experience with Scandinavian countries
  • WP1: Raw materials and Chemical composition
    – Production of S. latissima and A. esculenta, Harvesting of wild P. palmata
    – Analytics (polyphenols analysis)
  • Co-leader of WP2: Products and processes – direct applications
    – Focus on rinsing/washing and their impact on seaweed composition (iodine, metals,…)
    – Share experience on algae processing and its nutritional/organoleptic/stability impact
  • WP3: Refined products – processes and applications
    – Fractionation of brown/red seaweeds towards improved digestibility
    – Share experience on seaweed fractionation / downstream processing
    – Produce alginate-lyase for partners ?
    – Analytics (polyphenols)

Key personnel

Ronan Pierre

Ronan Pierre

Department Manaager
Hélène Marfaing

Hélène Marfaing

Project Management