Blog post by Céline Rebours


Last week the HAVBRUK 2018 Conference ( was conducted in Oslo and several of our project colleagues presented research from PROMAC. Havbruk2018 was arranged by the Research council of Norway and the Fisheries and Aquaculture Industry fund (FHF).

The project leader, Céline Rebours presented an overall overview of the results obtained so far. In addition, the young scientist in the project received the attention of the aquaculture community thanks to their posters on chemical extraction of proteins (Ingrid Sandbakken), market analysis (Bjørn Tore Nystrand), and processing and sensory analyses of seaweed products (Pierrick Stévant). An oral presentation on seaweed and animal health was given by Alexander Torres.

The HAVBRUK 2018 gathered actors from research and the aquaculture industry, as well as decision maker and politicians. During the last 3 days, the national research politics about aquaculture was presented and discussed to define the direction for the stakeholders to contribute in the development of the industry by offering new and innovative solution through research.



Young scientist Ingrid Sandbakken and Pierrick Stévant presenting their posters at HAVBRUK 2018