Primary processing of aquatic raw materials such as seaweeds is energy demanding because of the high content of water. Existing commercial processing of seaweed biomass makes use of naturally available solar energy (e.g. in Eastern Africa and Asia) or of geothermal energy as in Iceland. In Norway, a large amount of surplus heat is available from various industrial processes and can be a possible energy source. Work package 5 will evaluate the potential for using excess industrial energy in the processing of seaweed biomass. A waste incinerator operated by Tafjord Kraftvarme ( in Ålesund will be used as a demonstration case for providing a test model and identifying the technical, logistical and economic challenges associated with seaweed biomass processing.

The work is led by Tom Ståle Nordtvedt ( at SINTEF Ocean in cooperation with Møreforsking, NTNU, AAUC and Tafjord Kraftvarme.