In work package 4, health and nutritional qualities of processed seaweeds for monogastrics and ruminants will be tested. PROMAC will use a combination of in-vitro and in-vivo models. Mink and chicken will be used as models for lager monogastrics as pigs and humans (both experimental and economical efficient) whereas sheep will be used as models for ruminants. Bio-availability of macroalgal proteins and amino acids as potentially health beneficial components will be tested using various biomass fractions produced in WP3 as feed-ingredients for monogastrics and ruminants in order to determine the necessary degree of fractionation and isolation of the algal constituents in relation to the target animal group.

The work will be led by Dr Åshild Krogdahl ( at NMBU in cooperation with Bioforsk, SLU and SINTEF Material and Chemistry.