Seaweed has not played a major role in the western diet, and there are existing research gaps on primary processing of algae. This work package will focus on developing preservation methods for seaweed to enhance the desired raw material quality. Food safety and organoleptic qualities are of high priority when choosing the right primary processing method. Part of the work in WP2 will be carried out at the facilities of research partners in France (Brittany) and Iceland, using locally cultivated and harvested material. In these countries, seaweed is already uses as an ingredient in food products. Comparison of Norwegian material with external references will allow us to identify common, as well as distinctly Norwegian challenges and opportunities and will be relevant with regard to largely international product markets.

The work will be led by Dr Céline Rebours ( from Møreforsking and Dr Hélène Marfaing ( from CEVA. Other partners involved are Matis, SINTEF and NMBU.