PROMAC will develop technology for processing of the cultivated or harvested seaweed into protein products for human consumption and feed. The work will focus on the separation of carbohydrates from proteins and removal of anti-nutrients. Low carbohydrate content, for instance, is likely to enhance bio-availibility of proteins for animal feed, while high carbohydrate content may benefit the organoleptic properties as food (rheology, flavour). Digestible carbohydrates represent an energy source for monogastric animals, while indigestible ones may act as prebiotics. Polyphenols, like phlorotannins, may bind protein and reduce the protein digestibility for monogastrics. Protein products developed in work package 3 will be tested in digestibility studies in work package 4.

The work will be led by Inga Marie Aasen ( at SINTEF Materials and chemistry in cooperation with partners from SINTEF Ocean, Matis, CEVA and NMBU.