Work package 6 will provide product based life cycle assessments (LCAs) and value chain analysis for macroalgal food and feed products in a given scenario, i.e. utilizing excess energy from industrial plants located on the coast. Results from all of the other work packages will be used as input to the analysis. LCAs will be undertaken from a systems perspective where traditional LCA-methods will be used in combination with other analytical tools and impact assessment methods. The functional unit will reflect the nutritional values of the new products, and sustainability performance indicators for the blue-green value chains of macroalgal food/feed will be developed. Indicators will be used for the comparison of different products with similar functionalities, and will also provide input to multi criteria decision supporting tools.

The work will be carried out by work package leader Dr Johan Oppen ( at Møreforsking in cooperation with NTNU, Bioforsk and Matis.